When the plane is shaking violently
You wonder will the sky change into Heaven
And if all fails
Who is in your last thought then?

Here we have some nerdlords in the Undermine au, parent concepts for Lillian and Sid, then a concept 4 oscar and sid bein stalked by a daco sorry more sketches n doodles for now since school’s kicking my ass


Hey guys, as some of you know I’ve recently moved into a new apartment with my friend for college. Things are going really great as far as us working together and me getting used to Wisconsin and the new school.

Though I’ve been getting help from my mom and a little from my dad, I still am in need of extra money because I can’t constantly rely on them to pay my bills and help me in emergencies because they can barely hold themselves up as it is.

With this and upcoming bills and regular costs I have to focus on, I could really use some extra commission help while I fix on getting a part-time job. I’m in no hurry, nor am I in an emergency situation right now, but if anyone is interested in buying something from me, I’d greatly appreciate it!

Now with that all out of the way, I’m also doing smut commissions. You can see examples of my smut here on http://corpsefacesmutplace.tumblr.com/. I’m very open to fetishes, but not all, so please feel free to ask about those as well.

If you want to see more examples of my work, please visit my art blog found here http://corpsefaceartspace.tumblr.com/

General Prices

1 character: $15
2 characters: $25
Additional: $15 ea
1 character: $20
2 characters: $35
Additional: $20 ea
1 character: $25
2 characters: $40
Additional: $25 ea

Color Palette:
(pick from here, here or here for a color palette you want me to use with your commission) ((those who’ve already sent me asks for requests previously, don’t worry— i’ll still do those!))
Flats: $10
Shaded: $20
Shaded w/ background: $25
Flats: $20
Shaded: $30
Shaded w/ background: $35
Full Body
Flats: $25
Shaded: $35
Shaded w/ background: $40

(Prices for each page)
Sketched: $40
Inked: $60
Toned: $80
Flats: $100
Fully Illustrated: $140

(general commissions, prices are per character)
Bust: $5
Waist: $10
Full Body: $15
Bust: $10
Waist: $15
Full Body: $20
Bust: $15
Waist: $20
Full Body: $25
Bust: $20
Waist: $25
Full Body: $30

Bust: $ 35
Waist: $40
Full Body: $45
Fully Illustrated:
Bust: $ 40 (+20 additional character)
Waist: $ 50 (+35 additional character)
Full Body: 70$ (+40 additional character)

(High detail illustrations with a more painted look to them)
Price up for discussion, keeping to busts and waist shots around $80 min $200 max

Prices can vary depending on if the character you give has extreme details to them
Keep in mind that I’m also going to school full time and the workload has been surprisingly overwhelming so completing commissions may take a bit longer than normal depending on what kind it is

My paypal is KristianaH100@hotmail.com

If you’d like you could also use dA’s note system to discuss your commission, just send me an ask letting me know you wanna discuss details there! My dA username is Corpse-Face

If you have any questions, please ask me!

some filler doodles of stuff i found lyin’ around until i update with somethin cooler umu

Can I get extra maple syrup on my pancakes please Mr. Traumen

Thank you so much! I didn’t know if you wanted a particular Irene Adler, so I picked my favourite one, played by Rachel McAdams!