i realized i never uploaded this ahhh

this was a 2 hour final for gesture drawing class— there are a few glaring errors but i was really proud of how it came out overall

some technicolor busts i did during and after daco’s livestream

omg it took forever but i finally made a complete tag page and a plug page for my blog! if you’re curious about other stuff i would draw like ocs or fanart or whatever it should be all there! they’re on the side of my blog but what the heck its 6:30 am i’m gonna put them here too whooo



Some concepts for somethin i’m thinkin of doing also of Alice and Frankie

pardon the hipster filters i was feelin them when i was workin on it

some rough quick sketches of Daco’s OCs Donna and Joseph in the Skyrim AU I did to further convince her to join me in the Skyrim AU

It worked

Do you accept requests for art?

I do not, but sometimes I’ll open up requests for drawing exercises or during livestreams! I haven’t done that in a while though but I’ve been thinking about it a lot lately o;

flailingforfood whispered:
I'm not quite sure what exactly is the story behind some of your artworks but I like 'em!

oh gosh thank you!! ;o; I haven’t really started putting a solid story for them out there just, for the most part they’re floating characters with different AUs with friends ywy/ thank you so much! <33