xitium whispered:
I am a huge fan of your art tbh. <3 I kind of ship Adelmar x Frankie and idk why. I guess I made up a head canon that they were secret lovers and I was wondering if you could do a sexy or sad comic involving that pairing. You totally don't need to, its just an idea of mine c: xoxo, sad loser

Oh wow haha well thats kinda strange to me since I don’t think I’ve ever drawn them interacting in the same picture before! But I’ll go ahead and at least do that since I should.


What is the color of night?

hot things i did with hot ocs mm

Skyrim AU Joseph and Alice not respecting personal bubbles

stjuib whispered:
Your art is so awesome, it always makes me smile uvu

aw omg thank you so much!! ;-; thats really sweet of you to say

I also made these what ifs for technicolor weep woop

That’ll teach you to cross me!

Thank you!! Here’s the 2nd Cicero for the palettes uwu I decided to draw him a little more sinister to make up for that obnoxiously cute cicero from the last one haha

Back on doing these finally! I was on an art block for a while but now i’m back on the saddle >8U

Here’s da sink

eyyy here’s some footage of one of my livestreams just doin some skyrim sketches bam

requests in the stream made by a pizza

A Josuke was requested in the livestream! Thanks for coming!

Sweet Cicero as the first one~ I had a lot of fun with this I love that bitchero


I wanted to make one of those color palette memes with my favorite color schemes.

Here’s another if you wanna send more asks my way for the stream tomorrow! And if you like these palettes better 8) This can be Pallete #2 when suggesting numbers

Pretty please! I wanna have some of these to work on once I get other stuff off my plate. Any character will do~!



Tea Time Sunsets by MaeofClovers

So I don’t know if you guys remember (i totally didn’t forget nope nope nope) but a long loooooooooong way back i held a follower’s giveaway (the winner of which being CorpseFace aka Kris). Well, now that i’ve had some downtime i’ve finally started working on her prizes!

This is a splash page of Lillian and Adelmar in a somewhat post-apocalyptic wonderland, where things are strange and gravity doesn’t seem to matter

HHHH MAE this looks absolutely amazing! ;m; Thank you so much oogh the composition and the colour palette is fantastic! Thank you EUGH I’M JUST -crumples into myself-